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Start Fresh with a Colon Cleanse Supplement

One of the ultimate diet tips for fast weight loss is to start a “cleanse.” 

I know you’ve heard it before with the “Lemonade Diet” and other detox programs. But a colon cleanse supplement is far more effective than any other detox or cleanse. 

In all reality, a cleanse like the Lemonade Diet can work for the most part, but who wants to drink lemonade for a week straight? Gross… Save yourself the trouble, and don’t fix something that is not broken and just go with a quality product to start off your detox for fast weight loss. 

And for goodness sake, the amount of money you would spend on lemonade alone is much more than what you spend on a colon cleanse. One of the awesome things about colon cleanses is that very few people actually ever do this, so when they do, they sometimes experience very fast weight loss. 

I had a client one time that lost 18 pounds in 9 days because of a colon cleanse. When she told me, I was really happy for her, but asked her: “What the heck have you been doing to have 18 pounds stuck in you??” 

It was a little awkward… But it was amazing nonetheless, and I realized that this was a very good thing to do not only for very fast weight loss, but for your health as well. 


How Super Colon Care Works
How Super Colon Care Works

It’s actually a very basic process to how this causes fast weight loss. This explains it further in detail.

The first ingredient in Super Colon Care is Fennel Seed. This is a plant that is technically part of the carrot family. Fennel Seeds have been used throughout history as a remedy for indigestion and flatulence. It is this ingredient that promotes the beginning of bowel movements. 

The second ingredient listed is what is called “Cascara Sagrada,” which translates to ‘Sacred Shell.’ It is the bark of the plant called Cascara, that when dried is used as a laxative. 

It is a common ingredient in store bought products that are used as laxatives as well. 

With these two first ingredients in the right amounts, you definitely will lose weight through the colon cleanse that will happen. 

The thing about colon cleanses is that you should be doing it anyway. It is healthy and will clean out impurities. 

Of course what comes with this is the losing of weight as well. This is obviously not actual body fat being lost, but what it does do is get your body in a proper stage for the burning of body fat with the right nutrition and supplements being taken after the cleanse. 



My Advise for Your First Day

I recommend a full 24 hours of eating nothing, and only taking this supplement for the 1st day of your diet, along with at least 150 ounces of water.

This will allow Super Colon Care to take full affect. After this, remember to eat 6 small meals a day and drink at least 100 ounces of water a day for a full week. You will see a substantial difference after this first week from following these basic suggestions, but your energy will be a little low.

So I recommend no exercises or gym time for the first three days until your body adjusts. When you do begin working out again, start slow and allow your body to get back into your usual rhythm.

Take the other supplements I recommend while you take the remaining schedule of the colon cleanse and you WILL see results.

This colon cleanse along with my other fat loss tips will get your inches stripped off fast. 

Now go get em!

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