A Colon Cleanse Weight Loss Program for the Best Success!

Colon cleanse weight loss

A speedy weight loss solution is to do a colon cleanse because you will be able to flush out all that backed up weight that is actually very unhealthy to have anyway.

You will of course lose weight, but only because you are cleaning everything out and not by the actual “fat loss.” But it is very important to do the right colon cleanse though because of the results you will get with the actual losing of body fat right after you are done with the cleanse.

The right colon cleanse weight loss regimen found here will allow your body’s metabolism to no longer retain any unnecessary nutrients because of the unhealthy back-up.


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Reset Your Body to Burn Fat!

The cleanse will reset your metabolism to a natural state. 

This will have your body burn off carbohydrates much more efficiently. Remember that there are three main (macro-nutrients) that exist. They are Proteins, Fats and Carbohydrates. 

Contrary to modern popular belief, fat is never stored as fat in your body. The low-fat and fat-free foods that have existed in the past were all revolved around the low calorie diet model.

This is because every gram of fat has 9 calories as opposed to the 4 calorie gram of protein and carbohydrate. But please don’t fall into the calorie trap.

The amount of calories that you eat are not as important as taking in the right nutrients in a specific way. I don’t want to go off on a medical journal style tangent explaining this, so I will try to get straight to the point.

If you had 5,000 calories of pure fat every single day for a month, you would not gain weight. AT ALL. You would just feel extremely sick. If you had 5,000 calories of protein every single day for a month, you would not gain weight for a long time, but would start to gain weight after about 6 weeks because your body’s metabolism would adjust to the burning of protein for energy as well as the storage of the excess protein that is being taken in.

This is a very long-drawn out complicated process that your body has to actually go through for this to happen. And trust me, no-one is taking in that many calories of protein for it to happen.

So the only real factor for gaining weight is the actually consuming of carbohydrates. For those of you who would like a further explanation of what carbohydrates exactly are, I have included a general list:

Anything that is-










Carbohydrates are very easily stored as body fat because it is basically: If you don’t use it, your body stores it premise.  

GET Your Body Right and Fresh

Back to the colon weight loss cleanse. Your body will adjust automatically to burning of the above carbohydrates mentioned as actual energy; not storing them as body fat.

My official review of the best colon cleanse weight loss supplements I recommend are here.

After you are done with the cleanse, remember to take advantage of the fact that your body is now ready for continuous weight loss. My eBook can help you establish that. 

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