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How to Suppress the Monster Cravings!

We all know the feeling. The wonderful looking slice of chocolate cake sitting on the counter staring at you. Maybe you don’t like chocolate, but I do! 🙂 You wonder to yourself, why am I wanting that, I am full and I feel like I am going to throw up if I eat more.

(There is an actual hormone that causes this. Download my free e-Book about the hormones you need to know about for weight loss to get more details about this awful, AWFUL hormone HERE.)

But let’s stick to the basics here. You wish you could remove this craving immediately right? Well that is why I recommend having a craving and appetite suppressant as part of your supplement arsenal for fast weight loss. 

SHR3D-X has been out for a little while, and has proven results from thousands of customers, and their reviews. It gives you that “short-cut” to your rapid weight loss. Once you take it, you will start noticing that that piece of chocolate cake just doesn’t look that appealing anymore.



How Does it Stop Cravings?

Well I always look for a specific ingredient when it comes to a diet suppressant, which is Green Tea Extract EGCG.

Look, there are hundreds of ingredients out there that state they will reduce cravings, but the reality is that Green Tea Extract is the best ingredient to kill your cravings. It has plenty of evidence to prove this and many fitness professionals take it for this very reason. It’s also natural, which is always good. 

When Green Tea Extract is combined with Raspberry Ketones, it makes it so much more effective. That is because Raspberry Ketones cause your body to not crave tasty smelling foods. This fact has not been confirmed yet by a clinical trial, but does come from my experience with hundreds of clients that have taken Raspberry Ketones.

The ketones in red raspberries are the main aroma that comes from the fruit. When concentrated, and manufactured as a supplement, it will cause reduced cravings of smells that have tempted you before.


The BONUS that Will Cause the Speedy Fat Loss

Another great ingredient to have in combination with these two ingredients is the now FAMOUS Garcinia Cambogia.

There is a lot of hype revolved around this ingredient right now, but remember that it is not a magical ingredient. It does have to be taken in combination with other ingredients to work really well. Which is what SHR3D-X has.

I don’t want to overwhelm you with a lot of science behind this ingredient because there is so much information revolved around it. Maybe I will make a post at a future date all about Garcinia Cambodia and its science.

But the main thing to know about with this ingredient, which is also natural, and derives from plants and its fruits, is that it increases your satisfaction of the food you have already eaten, therefore causing you to want less food later. Which are “The Cravings.”

The other main ingredient to be aware of in this supplement is Yacon Root, which is a food that is farmed in South America. Taken as a supplement for losing weight, is one diet tip for fast weight loss that I want you to be aware of. What it will do for you is increase your bowel movement after eating and will also increase your satisfaction while eating. So you eat less!


SHR3D-X's customer reviews

One More Thing

This supplement also has caffeine in it, so if you are taking Sheer Thermo in combination with it, please keep in mind your caffeine tolerance. I don’t want you bouncing off the walls. 🙂

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