Is a Weight Loss Cleanse the Best for Losing Weight Fast?


Weight Loss Cleanse 

The Joy of Losing Weight!

Weight loss cleanses are all the hype nowadays. I seem to hear of a new weight loss cleanse every week or so that pops-up out of nowhere.

Why have people gotten so attached to these?

Well, it’s because people really, really love how fast they lose weight in such a short amount of time. 

But I want you to remember that this weight loss mostly comes in the form of water weight, muscle loss, and of course from impurities and waste

This is all fine and dandy for a short term solution, but for the long term, it is horrible for your weight loss goal and your health. Here is why: 

When you lose weight that fast, let’s say 15 pounds in 2 weeks, your body tries to compensate by retaining future calories as fat more often.

The reason why this happens is because your body goes into an extreme starvation mode that thinks it will go without food for a long period of time, so it will want to retain more fat from the food you eat as “reserved energy storage.”

The other thing that happens, is your body’s metabolism slows down very much because it doesn’t have any food to metabolize for a long period of time. 


Weight Loss Cleanse 2


I Actually Like a Good Weight Loss Cleanse that is Done Properly

Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t have anything negative against weight loss cleanses for an actual REAL cleanse and not as habitual weight loss lifestyle; I actually have recommended a few on this website.

But people absolutely destroy their metabolism because they use it as a repetitive long term solution. This will only do you more damage than good. 

I have told clients, please use a weight loss cleanse as a form of ‘boost’ to your metabolism, and as a head start to your weight loss, not as a recurring long term solution. 

I am actually very much in favor of weight loss cleanses for this purpose and also to clean out all impurities. 

This is something that should be done by you every 18 months or so. But I know people who do this every month! They spend a whole 2 weeks “cleansing,” lose 10 pounds or so and then go right back to their poor nutrition lifestyle. 

And guess what happens? They gain even more weight than they did before the cleanse. It is a very destructive cycle that only allows people to GAIN weight consistently throughout their life.


Weight Loss Cleanse 1


What is the Next Step?

So here is what I recommend. 


If you read this article that I wrote, you will lose 10 pounds quickly and will keep it off. You could do this after a weight loss cleanse, so that you gain the amazing habits to get yourself into shape quickly.


I highly suggest you download my free eBook to gain the knowledge of proper daily weight loss solutions. Don’t worry, my eBook is not very long and it should only take you 30-45 minutes or so to read, but you will finish with a very substantial knowledge of where to go from here. 


If you want to kick-start your weight loss with a weight loss cleanse, I recommend this one here.

My Final Thought

People will continue to look for fast weight loss solutions. This will never change, but what I can do is provide the best information to continue that weight loss after that quick weight loss solution is over and done with.

So that instead of gaining all the weight back, and even more so, you can continue the fast weight loss until you reach your ultimate goal and your perfect body.

I appreciate ya,